Reusable Bamboo Cotton Makeup Removal Pads with Wash Bag

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Made from natural eco-friendly bamboo cotton fibres, this makeup removal kit comes complete with two types of pads and wash bag. Why a wash bag? That's because this kit is reusable to minimise waste. Renew that fresh complexion with a fresh start and go green!



Bamboo Fibres: Technically a grass, bamboo wood is quick to replenish making it an ideal sustainable source that's ethical and eco-friendly.

Rough Pads: Complete with four rough pads to gently remove stubborn makeup.

Soft Pads: Complete with eight soft ones for general purpose or for sensitive areas around the eyes for example.

Wash Bag: Great for putting all those dirty pads in, then simply pop it in the wash to clean. Once dry - good to go once more.

Save Money: If you think how often you use a pad or two to remove makeup on a daily basis, over time the savings add up!


Eco-Friendly / Well-Being

  • Green Living
  • Look Good
  • Reusable
  • Save Money
  • Sustainable



  • Item Type: Cotton Pad
  • Quantity: 12
  • x4: Soft Scrub Terry Pads
  • x8: Soft Velvet Pads
  • Kit: With Wash Bag
  • Type: Bamboo Cotton Fibre
  • Size: 7cm Diameter



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