About Us

EthicalDeals | About Us | EthicalDeals is a new type of shop where a percentage of each sale goes to charitable organisations, in addition to each item we sell having an eco-friendly or well-being benefit! We believe that retail therapy can do good twofold in this unique marketplace, knowing that you are giving back as part of your day-to-day.


EthicalDeals is a new type of online store where 6% of our product sales (1% each) goes to our chosen charities, in addition to each item we sell has an ethical contribution to either our environment or well-being. We believe that retail therapy can do good twofold in this unique marketplace, knowing that you are giving back as part of your day-to-day.



We’re ethical twofold:

Charity: We believe in making a positive difference by supporting charities across a range of humanitarian, environmental and animal issues with every deal being a part donation. 

Eco-Friendly / Well-Being: We sell eco-products that help preserve our environment, whether it be in the form of production, use or disposal. Alternatively, our well-being products are designed to improve our everyday lives by making things easier, healthier or simply to look good and feel great!


‘Fair Go For All’

EthicalDeals was founded on the notion of a ‘fair go for all.’ We aim to provide you with exceptional deals that offer great value for money.

We aim to provide our advertisers with fair and reasonable rates to promote their products and services, but our ultimate aim is to give much-needed funding to reputable not-for-profit charities.


Our Philosophy

EthicalDeals is committed to the philosophy of giving back. We do not subscribe to, nor are we driven by the pursuit of the 'profit at all costs' mentality.

We aim to conduct our business dealings with all our relationships in an atmosphere of respect and trust.

We demonstrate it is possible to operate a commercially viable company, act on a ‘fair go for all’ mantra, as well as contribute to numerous worthy causes.



  • To create a point of difference as to how the public view and interact with online shopping.
  • Ensure EthicalDeals remains committed to our ‘fair go for all’ business mantra and delivers on our pledge to support worthy charitable causes.
  • Implement procedures and strategies that ensure EthicalDeals provides first class customer service to both consumers and advertisers alike.
  • Deliver superior cutting-edge opportunities for companies and businesses to advertise their products and services with EthicalDeals.
  • To develop ongoing business and marketing strategies that will allow EthicalDeals to create a successful and profitable company that offers an alternative deal marketplace for consumers. 
  • To ensure EthicalDeals creates a dynamic and ever-evolving company culture based on respect, decency, trust, and equal opportunities for all.


“ We would like to invite you to become part of our journey, so that together, we can make a positive change. ”
CEO & Founder of EthicalDeals