6-Pack Natural Organic Reusable Woollen Dryer Balls

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These hand-spun organic wool dryer balls naturally absorb moisture, separate, and create space between your laundry. This allows hot air to better circulate and cuts down on drying time by 20-40%. Clothes come out soft and fluffy without the use of harsh chemicals. Drop your favourite essential oils onto the ball to sanitise and scent your laundry.



Natural Fabric Softener: Set of 6 laundry balls are made from 100% New Zealand wool.

Gentle Care To Your Clothes & Skin: Organic, eco-laundry, hypoallergenic, no chemicals or harmful additives. Great for sensitive skin, towels, comforters, clothing, baby laundry, cloth nappies and more.

Saves Time & Energy: Reduce your drying time by 20-40%. These ultra-absorbent wool balls tumble around in the dryer, pulling excess water out of your clothes. Save your valuable time, energy and money.

Release Static and Soften Laundry: Helps reduce static cling by minimising the contacts between the clothes. The laundry will be softened naturally and the wrinkles are prevented effectively due to the reduced friction.

Add Fragrance: Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils such as lavender, lemon or orange to give clothes a light aromatic scent.


Eco-Friendly / Well-Being

  • Energy Efficient
  • Green Living
  • Organic
  • Plastic Free
  • Reusable
  • Sustainable


Ethical Sourcing

The wool sourced and made into these dryer balls originates from New Zealand, a place where sheep are raised in a happy environment with plenty of space to roam free. The farmers are not pressured to earn a living ahead of animal welfare, and as such the sheep are sheared in an ethical way. EthicalDeals also supports New Zealand's welfare act to ban mulesing.



  • Size: Diameter approximately 6-7cm
  • Use: Cleaning
  • Type: Laundry Balls
  • Material: Ethically sourced wool
  • Quantity: 6



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