Nordic Minimalist / Modern Black Iron Flower Vase (various designs)

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Bring nature into the home in a delicate and unconventional way with a Nordic design that is simple, yet contemporary. The various styles add a fresh look to the home making it a perfect pick for your living room, bedroom or dining space. Simply add a glass tumbler to the base of the vase, add flowers/foliage and admire the decorative beauty of the object itself. The expertise in creating the bold outline gives a precise shape, that is essential to creating the illusion of a regular vase.


Design: Unusual, minimalist and contemporary creating the illusion of a fuller vase that will surely catch the attention of the eye. Have visitors even compliment your choice of style!

Versatility: Try different flower and foliage arrangements to complement different rooms around the house.

Choice: Choose from a range of different design shapes to further compliment your interior design choices.

Material: Made with iron; it is the fourth most abundant material found in the earth's crust making it a sustainable choice.

Gift: Ideal as a housewarming or wedding present. Be rest assured knowing your gift will be truly unique.


Eco-Friendly / Well-Being

  • Recyclable
  • Sustainable



  • Material: Iron
  • Style: Modern
  • Function: Tabletop Vase
  • Model Number: Iron Flower Vase
  • Use: with glass tumbler (not included)
  • SIZES:
  • Design A: 15 x 20cm
  • Design B: 15 x 17cm
  • Design C: 12 x 23cm
  • Design D: 12 x 15cm
  • Design E: 11.5 x 16cm



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