Healthy Fresh Food Baby Pacifier & Teether

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Highly recommended for parents who want their baby to try new flavours and avoid skin/seeds from fruit. This food baby pacifier and teether in one lets your little one begin self-feeding in a safe and worry-free way. Practical with food-grade standard, the silicone mesh bag is durable making baby teething a breeze with no crying. With such an innovative design, it balances health and convenience, with bright colours helping to stimulate your baby's visual development. Not to forget the handle can also help develop your little one's grip and strength!


Healthy: This is a great way to encourage your little one to try new flavours, and avoid fussy eating bad habits. The fresh nutrients you feed will also help with your baby's growth and development in a natural way. You can even try frozen food as an ice lolly in Summer.

Cleaning: Complete With a dust-proof cover, this pacifier is easy to clean. It's fully immersible in boiling water for sterilisation making this dishwasher safe too.

Design: More value for money acting as a pacifier fruit holder and teething toy, the mesh bag helps soothe baby's teething discomfort by massaging the gums. Multiple problems solved at once by one simple product!

Materials: Made with both silicone and PP materials, they're food-grade standard, stain-resistant, recyclable and BPA free.

Eco-Friendly / Well-Being

  • BPA Free
  • Healthy Living
  • Recyclable
  • Safety



  • Size: 11 x 5.5cm
  • Small Nipple Size: 0 - 3 months
  • Medium Nipple Size: 3 - 6 months
  • Large Nipple Size: 6+ months
  • Type: Pacifier & Teether
  • Packaging: Single load
  • Material: Strainer Net (Silicone); Handle (PP)
  • Material: Free from Nitrosamine, PVC, Latex, Phthalate and BPA.
  • Silicone: Non-toxic and environmental



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